Informative and vibey site design.

Role & duration

UX Designer & Writer

5 Weeks





Mobile First UI Design

Hi Fidelity Prototype


Juice Gummis

  • Delicious, handmade Cannabis gummy

  • Black-owned and operated

  • Needed an informative and fun website that maintains brand vibe

  • No online shop, due to federal restrictions

user analysis

People who eat cannabis and hemp supplements have a variety of dietary preferences and restrictions.

People who enjoy edibles want to know what they are putting in their body.


Juice!'s Founder noticed that their customers had a lot of questions about Juice! Gummis


What flavor is it? What kind of cannabinoid is in these? Do you add artificial colors? Do these contain fruit juice? Is it vegan?

If we direct folks to a website where they may find detailed product information, they will be empowered to make informed decisions and stop asking the founder for details.


  • Focus web design to highlight the product.
  • Includes a list of ingredients
  • Poetic copy written by Founder.

  • Take order inquiries via the Contact Page.