Seller Support

Improve discoverability of the Teespring Help System for New Sellers

Role & duration

Team of 3 UX Designers

15 Day Design Sprint



Google Forms

Google Slides


Survey & Interview

Heuristic Evaluation



Teespring is among a leading Global Print on Demand websites. Their flexible and accessible design tools allow users to turn any idea into a new product.


Teespring offers marketing resources to help Sellers promote their products and build a successful DIY business. Yet, New Sellers are uncertain of how to maximize their Teespring store and unable to find these resources. 


Through 15 days of research and design, my team developed a simple solution that improves the visibility of Teespring's robust Seller Support.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 3.18.12 PM.png


"I would look for online tutorials or drop out of the process."


Through survey and interviews, we collected evidence of New Sellers' emotional crash after publish their first listing.

New Sellers reported feeling uncertainty and confusion. These feelings were exacerbated by their inability to find Teespring's Seller Support.

New Seller Emotional Journey

Responses to our Survey revealed that users are more likely to leave a site when Help Topics aren't clearly available.

When New Sellers are unable to quickly find resources, they assume Teespring doesn't offer help and feel unsupported. 


Heuristic Evaluation

My team investigated the Information Architecture of Teespring's Help System and discovered that Users are only able to reach the Community page by navigating via the Blog and Training Center.  

New Sellers are only offered access to Seller Support via a Welcome E-mail that is often overlooked (or not seen). Via the Teespring site, New Sellers would have to know to navigate to Seller Support via the Blog, Training Center or "Help" button.

Original Global Navigation for the Teespring site does not link to Seller Support

Teespring's Orginal Global Navigation on it's Homepae

The Teespring Community Header, the home of Seller Support

Teespring Community Navigation

The Teespring main site Footer links to the Blog and Training Center

Teespring Footers are Inonsistent

FAQ and Support are only available via the Community site Footer

Original Information Architecture of Teespring's Help System

Original Help Topics Inforation Achitecture

Recommended Information Architecture and the basis for the proposed Global Navigation.

Proposed Help Information Architecture


Improving the visibility of Teespring's Help System by including these resources in the Global Navigation, footer and a clear Welcome Modal. 

New Sellers will easily find support within the Teespring ecosystem.

The site's original UI omitted critical access to Teespring's robust Help System. Inclusion of the Community and FAQ pages on key screens will diffuse users frustration and keep positive brand association.

Recommended Homepag

Welcome Modal Redesign

To address the post-design dip, we looked at ways to welcome a New Seller after they published their first listing.

A Welcome Modal greets New Sellers when they first reach their Seller Dashboard. 

Our research uncovered the fact that New Sellers automatically close the window. They did not read the information packed into the screen. 

Original Welcome Modal

We isolated the necessary elements to clearly direct New Sellers to the Help System and Seller Resources. 

Recommeded Welcome Modal Annotated
Hi Fideity Welcome Modal


It's widely accepted that "People don't read" on the internet.

Teespring offers thorough Seller Support to help anyone maximize their DIY business. New Sellers want information, but don't often have the patience to fully explore a site before dipping out to Google or Youtube.


Establishing a supportive relationship between Teespring and its Sellers starts with balancing New Seller's expectations and their habits. Offering consistent navigation to Seller Support tells New Sellers that support is there, if and when they need it.